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Softpedia ImageLink 100% Clean Supermarkt

A computer without Supermarkt is worthless. Supermarkt is a Java real-life shopping simulator
and best used before rushing through the supermarket. Sometimes it might be necessary to check up the costs
before shopping, so keep your data uptodate.
32x32 ballShortnews on Supermarkt/Supermarket:

Database + Supermarkt.jar - Update: Changed SWT + Sqljet + iText files to 64 so it will start on Windows64

Install anywhere but on x:\Program Files(86x)\supermarkt else it won't start

BugFix: Startup Window Size for widescreen resolution on windows64. Dropdown on Edit- panel to display categorie drinks too.

32x ballSupermarkt/Supermarket features:

 16x ballSelf-running .jar files
 16x ballDynamic amount of products
 16x ballExport as .PDF file
 16x ballSQLite3 DB
 16x ballBalance for Years, Months and Days
 16x ballReports as .PDF file for Years, Months and Days
 16x ballAutoUpgrade import your data to a new featured Supermarkt release
 16x ballStats for products: Groups , Top cost, Top amounts, Sort views and price changes
 16x ballAudio and visual natural environment
 16x ballBudgetFilter: Filters your Supermarkt products against your current Budget
 16x ballCompare tool: Compare same products against each other. Which is hot and which is not
 16x ballDiscover frequencies you usually use on a product
 16x ballShopAssistant will display products you might have to buy based on your frequencies
 16x balloptionally online panel : News
 16x ballGet your download now

32x ballSupermarkt/Supermarket News:

20x ball
Changed SWT + Sqljet + iText files to 64 so it will start on Windows64

Install anywhere but on x:\Program Files(86x)\supermarkt else it won't start

Startup Window Size for widescreen resolution on windows64. Dropdown on Edit- panel to display categorie drinks too.

20x ball
Import will now import just products which are not in supermarkt.db to nogroup depending on amount and productname. BudgetFilter moved from supermarkt.db panel on top
of the panels next to the cash display.
Replaced the yellow description tip if you move over a product on shoppinglist with a custom popup which will be immediatly visible.
Also added the resulting cost if you would clone the product to the new popup.
Now you can adjust columns from 1-4 for supermarkt.txt or supermarkt.db panel at setup.
Removed cvalues.class
BugFixes: Rescale overwork to fit its sizes arround the content.
Linux: Delete, Clone and Price Popup did not work on a scrolled list.
One more Widget is disposed issue.

20x ball
ShopAssistent is a new feature which is based on frequencies values and will from now on popup products
you might have to buy. It took at least some time( buy products )to get shopassistent to popup on startup. click on a product

to add it to the current shoppinglist. Also added to supermarkt and txt panel a gray background if you move your mouse over a

product. Autoprices, AutoClearlist, OnlinePanel and LogoAnimation will be defaulted to be on.

Autoprices off did not update more than one product per tabview. Several widget is disposed issues. Import to DB lead
to out of bounds message.

20x ball
Setup will be stored from now on to a seperate file additionaly instead of the database. The Database will be kept as it is, but further additons will be stored into the seperate file, this makes it more easy to create new options without the requirement to upgrade the database. You can adjust your settings for audio, laser, cash font and if you want to
get displayed the balance popup if you add an shoppinglist to be balanced.

Crashing Supermarkt if you close GoldenEye by using deleting the shoppinglist with the 0.00 button and moving supermarkt 2x on the desktop arround. Unannounced functionality setting Products from red marked back to green if it was once selected, but meantime deselected on shoppinglist, reopened in GoldenEye not to be present but afterward reinserted to the shoppinglist again and reopened in GoldenEye. Shortly what was ever Red is now Green :)

20x ball
GoldenEye offers now the ability to checkup the expenseses, if you might want to spread your shoppings offer more than one grocery store.
You can select and deselect a product by clicking on the product name. The selected products will be saved if you close GoldenEye for adding or delselecting products of the shoppinglist.
By now you have to write down yourself the difference costs, but hey it's easy to do, i do it myself too :)

20x ball
GoldenEye is a shoppinglist advantage. The Listbox is not enough.

20x ball
Popup on top right will display last added cost and current Balance of the month.
Shoppinglist will be optimized on pdf export. You can see the single amount price and in case you cloned products
the accumulated result.
Supermarkt-Installer won't override the example supermarkt-products.txt file anymore.

Balancepanel , green content if Database row might be corrupted. Textfile did skip one product if its equal to
zero by budgetfilter on.

20x ball
Welcome back all. Frequencies is a new feature which will be available on Stats->Top Cost: Single -> Pricechanges popup. It requires to have data allready available in db. For details about what you will see you could open the supermarkt->help. A new topic at the very top will describe frequencies in detail.

Deleting and cloning products on listbox without having focus to a product.
Bold green borders appaered after a full 12 month balance year (monthly view). Price changes couldn't be displayed sometimes due to an overdosed if statement.

20x ball
New function Edit on supermarkt.txt panel to edit the textfile directly inside supermarkt. No more restart of supermarkt necessary to insert a new product to .txt file.
New function Clone a product. Sometimes you might want to buy more than the offered amounts on supermarkt.db/.txt panel so you can double rightclick on a product to clone it inside the shoppinglist and a tooltip will display the current cost/amount of the product and the cost/amount if you would clone it. On BudgetFilter on, it will clone as long as you stay in the budget.

Rescale rescaled to small on an empty textfile on supermarkt.db panel.

20x ball
Added "Total Days of Supermarkt" and avarage cost on Balance Monthly view. Added ArticleCount per Group in table GroupStats on Balance Daily View and all beneath the GroupStats table. Each new additions will be exported to pdf file.
Balance Daily + Monthly layout overwork.

NavJump jump issue jumping to far while tabswitch back to panel. Balance Daily View pdf file creation wrong parameter for days per month method. Replaced Dot images with faulty background color.

20x ball
Splashscreen and Digital Font adjusted.

20x ball
Website online in an advanced wallpaper.
A new category "old screenshots"
will display older images of supermarkt from previous versions.
Online News panel: changed the look of news to new style.

You don't see anything changing. clear the browser cache.
On Firefox hold Shift-key down while reloading the website, other browser should offer similar key combies.

See the grass waving in the wind, only on

20x ball
Added focus back to currrent selected panel if you remove a product by doubleclick from list.

Due to Code-polishing, the default width size of the supmarkt.txt panel was a way to small on a fresh installation.
Windows Cashregister Soundfile used a wrong if statement and was played for only one time.
Linux will follow after some Website (Sourceforge) improvements.

20x ball
SplashScreen indicating Supermarkt ist starting with flipping background and progressbar. Cashpanels background will be adjusted to selected font type.
Balance Monthly detail view, added all amount Price per group and differences between them in percentages , will be also exported to pdf report file.

Visual animation will be all started now after every update of lists have been done. Inputfield for Budgetfilter resized. "Flicker" issue on txtpanel with budgetfilter enabled fixed. Linux version is currently not adjusted but seems to run so i uploaded as well. an adjusted version will follow.

20x ball
New Tool "Compare Products", open by clicking the balls image next to the balance image on surface. It compares product at different wheight and costs or display just single product cost range. Renamed and moved the shoppinglist export button on top of the shoppinglist right to "0.00" button, named "PDF". A new 7 segment font is loaded by default for a digital illusion, you could switch to verdana style back and back to digital again by a new icon on the right side of supermarket logo.

It was possible to crash Supermarkt by inserting more than one "." or "," to BudgetFilter.

20x ball
Added Grandientbackground to each DB panel Productgroup. Headlines displays grouplike images now.

Audio issue on Windows fixed by preloading the samples first , while Linux is running the first version of sound class for functionality.

20x ball
Replaced standard Buttons: Help | Export | Balance and ReportPDF
with Rollover image Labels, so linux looks similar to windows supermarkt now.

20x ball
Implemented audio and visual for a natural enviroment. By default audio and visual are enabled, which could be turned off by two new icons next to supermarket logo.
Audio service could take sometimes a second or two to close the soundfile, which blocks the application on running for that specific time.

20x ball
Integration of BudgetFilter function on supermarkt.txt panel too, if set on supermarkt.db panel. BudgetFilter could be turned off by just type 0 (zero) + hit return.
NaviJumps added some space in between. Pricechanges will just be stored if the entered price differs from before.

Pricechanges didnt display further anymore if an once deleted product was reinsert to db and the price changed. 0.00 quick shoppinglist delete button did not vanish on supermarkt.db panel if manually uncheck the products on the panel.

20x ball
Added input checkups on BudgetLimit function. Numblock "," could be used instead of "." insert. Restore of scrolling Position on Supermarkt.db panel, its useful if BudgetLimit turned on. Added NavJumpBoxes on each Group for quicker navigation.

changed "0.00" shoppinglist button listener method from hover to enter so the image will be changed directly.

20x ball
Added BudgetLimit functionality to supermarkt.db panel. Products on the panel will be filtered against your adjusted budget and your current rest budget. Supermarkt.db panel headlines are gradient colored now. Added increasing/decreasing percentages calculation against price changes before and baseprice on stats-> price changes view. Added percentages calculation to stats-> group view.

Replaced window rescale functionality with a new one. Possible crashes by running out of handles issue through new functionality fixed.

20x ball
Integration of a rescale window function if the content of supermarkt.txt or supermarkt.db panel is running out of bounds, the window will be scaled to it's proper size and back to it's default size on edit,balance,stats and online panel.

Changed "Days of Supermarkt" on Balance->Yearly view to "Days of Year". Increased days of year by 1 day. Changed the dark shadow tab backgroundcolor on linux supermarkt to a normal shadow.

20x ball
Since DB. Edit offers Multiple insert it's not required to red border the panel at a fresh startup anymore. Stats will be more accurate storing each price change seperatly now. Price changes will be displayed on each Productamount if available for a specific product. Days of Supermarkt will be visible for yearly view as well and will be exportable inside pdf report on each view.
Integration of Linux/Win seperate created DB files (compiling purposes only).

20x ball
Days of Supermarkt Text markable disabled
Price changes on Statspanel will be positioned dynamically
ShoppingList offers now a "0.00" button to clear the list immediately

20x ball

Possible crashes by running out of handles fixed.
Scrolling Focus on each Tab at opening time.
Monthly PDF Export displays now the proper total cash value
changed the tabs from simple to fancy tabs
changed wrongly systemcolors of supermarkt image and stats mouseover
changed pdf export filenames with an additionally Year , or Year and month for seperate file storing.